Cardboard dollhouse / Modnpod Cardboard Creations
Fold your way to fun with our kids cardboard creations. Made with recyclable material and designed for hours of creative play.
Cat boxes, pods and lounges / Modnpod
Cosy up to a cardboard cocoon designed for cats and other furry creatures. Durable, scratchable and 100% recyclable.


Shark Cat Pod / Cat Boxes & Beds / Modnpod Cardboard Creations Quick shop

Shark Cat Box


Cardboard Cat Pod / Cat House / Modnpod Quick shop

Cat Dome


Cardboard Dollhouse / Art House / Modnpod Quick shop



Cardboard TV / Craft Television for kids / Modnpod Quick shop



Kids Cubby Art House / Modnpod Cardboard Creations

We promise to make your family time fun this Sunday afternoon.

For families of all SHAPES, SIZES, BREEDS or even FUR colour! :)


My children love the shark we got from ModNPod! They had a wonderful time using their imaginations to paint the shark and then create other cardboard sea animals to go with it.


My 7 year old daughter loved painting and decorating her TV and continues to play with it, acting out scenes from her favourite movies with her toys.


Beckie loves her Cat Lounge, she now sleeps on it at night and lounges on it in the day. My neighbours ragdoll was in her Yawning Cat within a couple of hours of giving it to her.

Louise, Xavier and Maggie

We're using the Scratch Lounge and Cocoon with our two cats. They loved them both straight away and stopped scratching our furniture just as quick.