Cat boxes, pods and lounges / Modnpod

Mods for Cats

Cosy, comfortable and scratchable Spoil your furry family member with a Modnpod cardboard cat box, house, pod or lounge. Made from eco-friendly corrugated cardboard, Mods help keep kitties warm in winter and cool in summer. Our Mods are also seriously durable, making them an excellent option for cats who love to scratch. And for your benefit, our Mods are lightweight, easy to clean, and uniquely stylish. Many of our Mods for cats come pre-assembled. Each layer is laser cut before being loving hand assembled, layer by layer to ensure a high-quality finish for your furry pal.
Cardboard dollhouse / Modnpod Cardboard Creations

Mods for Kids

Inspiring imaginations and encouraging creativity Let your little one’s imagination and creativity run wild with Modnpod. Our cardboard creations are made for play and designed to last. From cubby art house kits to box costumes, our Mods make awesome creative activities for kids. Flat packed and easily assembled, they can be decorated and played with however your little one likes. Made of corrugated kraft card from recycled materials, all Mods are eco-friendly and lightweight, while being sturdy enough for hours of play.