Stylish Cat Pod / Modnpod Cardboard Cocoon / Cat Cubby House
Stylish Cat Pod / Modnpod Cardboard Cocoon / Cat Cubby House
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Cat Cocoon


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Does your cat love getting comfortable in a cosy place? If so, the Modnpod Cocoon makes the ideal stylish cubby house.

This wonderful cat box is the perfect place for cats to chill out, hide away or take a nap.

Featuring two large eyes and two adorable ears, the Modnpod Cardboard Cat Cocoon is just as cute as your furry little companion (well, almost). And, best of all, it’s large enough to suit cats of all sizes while still being small enough to feel cosy.

The Pod’s size also means that it’ll fit almost anywhere in your home without being in the way. Of course, moving it is no problem either thanks to its lightweight construction.

The Modnpod Cat Cocoon is made with eco-friendly corrugated kraft card, making it highly durable and able to withstand sharp claws and being climbed on.


Materials: Eco-friendly corrugated kraft card

Size: Cat Cocoon measures 33cm x 51cm x 33cm

Care Instructions

  • Open packaging carefully if using a sharp implement.
  • Keep plastic wrap away from children and pets.
  • Store in a clean, dry area away from direct heat sources.
  • Wipe unwanted marks and spills immediately to prevent damage.

 Please note the Modnpod Cat Cocoon comes ready for use. It is lovingly pre-assembled by hand, meaning each one is unique.