Cardboard Cat Scratch Pad / Lounges, Pods and Boxes / Modnpod
Cardboard Cat Scratch Pad / Lounges, Pods and Boxes / Modnpod
Cardboard Cat Scratcher / Pods, Boxes and Lounge / Modnpod
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Cat Scratch Lounge


If a busy life of neck scratches and stalking bugs has your cat needing a place to lie back and relax then the Modnpod Cardboard Cat Lounge is ideal.

Shaped like a figure 8, this cardboard scratch lounge provides the perfect place for your cat to lay, play, hide and scratch. Measuring 21cm x 76cm x 24cm, the Cat Lounge is ideal for cats of all sizes, from tiny kittens to mini lions. 

Created using corrugated kraft card made with recycled materials, the Modnpod Cat Scratch Lounge is eco-friendly an incredibly durable. So, even cats that love to scratch will be satisfied. And, thanks to the sleek shape and stylish black design of this cardboard cat bed, you’ll also be happy to have it in your home.

Keeping it clean and fur free is as simply as a weekly vacuum. Now all that’s left to do is introduce your kitty to their favourite new spot.


Materials: Eco-friendly corrugated kraft card

Size: Cat Lounge measures 21cm x 76cm x 24cm

Colour: Black and natural cardboard

Care Instructions

  • Open packaging carefully if using a sharp implement.
  • Keep plastic wrap away from children and pets.
  • Store in a clean, dry area away from direct heat sources.
  • Wipe unwanted marks and spills immediately to prevent damage.

 Please note the Modnpod Cat Scratch Lounge comes ready for use. Each piece is laser cut and assembled by hand.