Kids Rocket / Craft for Kids / Modnpod Cardboard Creations
Kids Rocket / Craft for Kids / Modnpod Cardboard Creations
Cardboard Rocket / Craft for Kids / Modnpod
Kids Cardboard Rocket / Kids DIY Rocket / Modnpod Creations
Craft Rocket / Kids Rocket / Modnpod Cardboard Creations



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Send your little adventurer to the moon and back with the Modnpod kids rocket. This cardboard creation is on a mission to inspire imaginations and deliver a whole lot of fun.

Made of durable corrugated kraft card from recycled materials, the Modnpod Rocket is seriously strong as well as eco-friendly. So, mini astronauts can get out of this world while also protecting it.

Arriving at your door flat-packed, this DIY craft rocket ship is easy and fun to assemble as a team. The craft activities continue as your child paints, decorates and customises their very own rocket ship.

Once complete, the Modnpod Rocket is ready to blast off, taking one small space explorer with it at a time. And, thanks to its high-quality construction, this rocket won’t break up on re-entry.


Materials: Eco-friendly corrugated kraft card

Size: Rocket measures 110cm x 70cm x 60cm

Ages: Rocket is ideal for children aged 3 and above

Care Instructions

  • Open package carefully if using a sharp implement.
  • Apply minimal force when assembling.
  • Store in a clean, dry area away from direct heat sources.
  • Wipe unwanted marks and spills immediately to prevent damage.
The Modnpod Cardboard Rocket Ship comes flat-packed with everything you need to assemble it. Click here to download assembly instructions.