We recommend also viewing our FAQ'S + Product Care page for information prior to construction. 


Modnpod Kids TV

Modnpod Kids TV   

-   Click here to download TV instructions


Modnpod Shark Cat Box

Modnpod Cat Shark Box

Click here to download Shark instructions  


Modnpod Kids Cardboard Dollhouse

Modnpod Dollhouse

Click here to download Doll House instructions  


Children's Modnpod Cardboard Airplane

Modnpod Plane

Click here to download Plane instructions  


Modnpod Cardboard Space Rocket

Modnpod Rocket

Click here to download Rocket instructions  


Modnpod Kids Cardboard Shark

Modnpod Kids Shark

Click here to download Shark instructions  


 Modnpod Cardboard Cubby Art House

Modnpod Cubby Art House

Click here to download Cubby instructions  


All instructions are in PDF format, that can be either viewed online or downloaded onto your computer or device.  

Apart from our Cat Shark, all other cat products come fully hand assembled and do not require construction.

Remember that assembling your Mod is half the fun, so let the family get involved and watch as your creations take form. :)

We also love feedback so if you have any constructive suggestions, please feel free to shoot them through to us at, or messenger us via the link on our website. 

Cheers for now

The Modnpod Team