Our Story

Modnpod Cardboard Creations

 Out-of-box designs for kids and cats

Bringing joy to the smallest members of your family is what we do here at Modnpod. Whether human or furry, little ones love our fun cardboard creations.

With two ranges under our belts: one for kids and one for cats, our cardboard Mods are designed to create happiness and inspire imaginations. From cool cubbies to cosy cat houses, we offer a diverse selection of fantastic creations, all creatively constructed from cardboard.


Unlocking the potential of an everyday material

Why cardboard, you ask? Well, sometimes, it’s the simple things in life that bring the most joy.

While often overlooked, cardboard has the potential to be something truly amazing. Of course, the cardboard we use in our creations isn’t like that of your typical brown box. Instead, we’ve given this everyday material an upgrade.

Modnpod uses corrugated eco-friendly kraft card made from recycled materials. So, it’s not only better for the environment, it’s also super strong and durable.

For kids, our cardboard provides a fantastic medium for expressing creativity. For cats, it offers insulation to keep kitties warm in winter and cool in summer as well as a seriously satisfying scratching material.


Thinking outside the box

For Modnpod, cardboard was the beginning of everything. After witnessing first-hand their daughter’s love of cardboard and her many crafty creations with the material, Modnpod creators Samantha and Scott set out to spread the joy.

Today, the family-owned Australian business makes pre-cut cardboard creations for kids that can easily be assembled and are perfect for inspiring imaginations. And, thanks to some inspiration from their cat Kwazi, they now also offer Mods for your furry family members.

But cats and kids are only the beginning, with big plans on the horizon to craft more from this versatile material. Join the Modnpod community to find out what cardboard creations are next.